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PUBBLICAZIONI: Pubblicazioni
  • Scopus : H Index: 15, Documents by Author 64. Total citations 724

  • Documents in top citation percentiles: 36,8%

  • Documents in top 25% journals: 44,4%

  • Web of Science Researcher ID AAC-3593-2022

​Coautore dei seguenti capitoli di libri

  1.  “Ultrasound-Guided Intraoperative Ablation Therapies” all’interno del libro “Ultrasound-Guided Liver Surgery” Editor Prof. Guido Torzilli. Springer.

  2. “Non resection: Radiofrequency Ablation, Cryo, Microwave", all’interno del libro “Surgical Principles of Minimally invasive Procedure". Editor Jaap Bonjer. Springer.

  3. “la Semeiotica chirurgica nel paziente operato” all’interno del libro Metodologia e Semeiotica Clinica, Prof. Giorgio Enrico Gerunda. Editore del gruppo Idelson Gnocchi

Heterogeneity of management practices surrounding operable gallbladder cancer – results of the OMEGA-S international HPB surgical survey

Nov 2022

Surgical Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic in a University Metropolitan Hospital in Milan, Italy

Agosto 2020

An Anti-MICA/B Antibody and IL-15 Rescue Altered NKG2D-Dependent NK Cell Responses in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Dicembre 2020

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